Our values

Secure and well-paid jobs for electricians in Germany

Are you looking for new challenges and opportunities to advance your career? Do you want to work with a company that offers stable employment, competitive salaries and attractive benefits? If yes, then our cooperation offer is for you!

As a company with experience in its industry, we offer our employees not only a stable job, but also the opportunity for professional and personal development. As a result, specialists working with us have a sense of financial security and job satisfaction, which has a positive impact on their quality of life and motivation to work.

Best rates on the market

We want to attract the best professionals in the market, so we offer the most favorable financial conditions, always paid on time.

Permanent cooperation

We offer long-term and stable cooperation. We provide our subcontractors with standing orders, which allows them to focus on their work and develop their skills, instead of wasting time and resources on unnecessary activities.

Development perspective

In our company, we value those who are ambitious, want to grow and strive for success. That's why we offer a number of initiatives, such as training programs, certification opportunities, and participation in projects and other initiatives to develop skills and gain new experiences.


Why should you work with us?

Professional support

We are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. That's why we support our subcontractors by providing training, technical support, and helping them develop their skills and improve the quality of their work.


We believe that good contact and effective communication are crucial to the success of any project. Therefore, as a company, we always focus on transparency and regular contact with our subcontractors. Thus, we can better understand the needs and expectations.

Accommodation arrangements

We know how important it is to provide comfortable and safe accommodation. That's why we offer our subcontractors full support in organizing accommodations. We provide accommodation in a convenient location to suit your needs and expectations.

Care of the coordinator

We offer our subcontractors not only the best working conditions, but also the full support of a project coordinator. Our coordinator is always available to provide support in difficult situations and advice at every stage of the project.

Assistance in arranging Freistellung

Our consultants will help you fill out the required forms, prepare the appropriate documentation and provide advice on procedures. Save your time and resources by putting the handling of Freistellung documentation in our hands.

SEP Training

We can help you get the right qualification. We offer comprehensive solutions, from administrative paperwork to exam preparation.


We provide comprehensive service for all residential and industrial electrical activities

Electrical installations in residential buildings

Installation of new electrical installations in houses, apartments, suites and other residential buildings, including lighting installations, electrical outlets, switches, switchgear, security.

Electrical installations in commercial buildings

Installation of new electrical installations in commercial buildings such as offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, etc., including lighting installations, electrical outlets, switchgear, generators, security systems.

Modernization of electrical installations

Update or expand existing electrical installations to meet new standards and requirements, increase efficiency, improve working conditions, save energy, or improve safety.

Repairs and maintenance

Diagnose, repair and maintain electrical systems, identify faults, replace faulty components and optimize systems.


Design, installation and maintenance of lighting systems, including interior and exterior lighting, decorative lighting and emergency lighting.

Security systems

Installation, maintenance and repair of security systems such as alarms, monitoring, access control and video intercoms.


Quick intervention in case of electrical failures, such as blown fuses, damaged wires, lighting problems.

Energy audits

Conduct energy audits to assess the energy efficiency of electrical installations and identify potential energy savings.

Advice and consultation

Consulting in the field of electrical installations, providing technical advice and consultation to clients, helping them choose the best electrical solutions and technologies.

Collaboration process

Want to join our crew?

In the electrical industry, we know how crucial it is to attract the best professionals in the market. Therefore, the recruitment process of subcontractors in our company is carried out with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality of services for our clients.


Based on a job advertisement or recommendation, we pre-screen candidates. We verify their qualifications, experience and credentials.


After the initial selection, we conduct an interview, during which we assess the candidate's technical skills, communication skills and knowledge of electrical installations.

Technical tests

Depending on the type of work, we conduct technical tests that allow us to assess a candidate's practical skills, such as the ability to read electrical schematics.

Final decision

Based on the results of the selection and technical tests, we make the decision to hire the candidate. We then sign a contract and provide training on safety and health and safety rules.

Do you have questions? We are at your service.


Write to us or call us and find out how we can help you with your projects

We carry out construction projects, both small and large, including new buildings, modernization, renovation and specialized projects. Required skills depend on the specifics of the project, but in general we require experience, qualifications and authorizations as required.

Every electrician should complete an SEP course in order to have a current license.

There are three types of SEP courses, which are divided into electrical, power and gas training. They are designated G1, G2 and G3. SEP authorizations are granted for 2 types of work performed – it can be operation or supervision.

1. E – authorization to operate electrical equipment up to 1 kV
2. D – authorization to operate electrical equipment above 1 kV
3. P – authorization to design and supervise works related to electrical installations
4. SEP – authorizations for persons connected with works on electric power equipment with voltage over 1 kV
5. B – authorization to test electrical installations
Authorization to operate construction machinery: UDT, OSK
Permission to work in close proximity to power lines: SEP, SEPE, S, S1, S2, S3
Authorizations for work related to sanitary and heating installations: PZITB, SEP-3, SEP-4, SEP-5, SEP-6

The safety of workers and others on the construction site is crucial to us. We adhere to the highest safety standards, providing appropriate safety equipment, protective clothing and safety training.

Relevant documents and contracts are required in accordance with applicable regulations and industry standards. For a specific project, our team will provide detailed requirements for documentation and contracts.

We select subcontractors based on their experience, qualifications, references and compliance with project requirements. We are looking for the best specialists to provide the highest quality work.

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